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Contact Parish Office 402-332-4444

Mission Statement
Offer the opportunity for all parishioners to have a personal conversation with Christ present in the Blessed Sacrament.  Help St. Patrick’s parishioners discover the great gift of the Eucharist such that graces from Eucharistic Adoration will inure to our community of faith in the form of increases in Mass attendance, reception of the sacraments, and spiritual “sensitivity”.  Enrich the life of parishioners resulting in increased desire and courage to evangelize others and to demonstrate great generosity in gifts of time, talent, and treasure for the building up of the Kingdom of God.



Jean Kirkpatrick 402-504-4222

What is Exposition? - The Eucharist is exposed in the sacred vessel of the monstrance upon the Altar of St. Patrick's for Adoration.

Time - Second Tuesday of every month either 8:00 am Tuesday until 7:15 am Wednesday or 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Tuesday during winter months.  All conclude with Benediction.

Someone must always be present during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.  For this reason, please contact Francesca or Jean to sign up for your committed hour.  More than one person or couple can participate at the same time.  Therefore, it is not essential that everyone sign up.  We invite anyone to come to adore Our Lord in the Eucharist for a short time or longer.


Adult Faith Formation
Fr. Matthew J. Gutowski 402-332-4444

Mission Statement
Assist with personal conversion to Jesus Christ, provide avenues for expression of faith through active membership in community, and build capability for all to transform the social and temporal order in which we live.  Employ systematic and occasional, individual and community, and organized and spontaneous forms to accomplish the various aspects of this mission.

Contact Fr. Gutowski for more information.




President: Jim Koch 402-332-3775
Vice President: Fr. Matthew J. Gutowski 402-332-4444
Treasurer: Pat Hansen 402-332-3923
Sexton: Jerry Thoendel 402-332-3475
Members: Larry Hanson 402-332-3923
Members: Ron & Laura Charvat 402-896-4182


St. Patrick's Cemeteries - Holy Sepulcher Cemetery is located two miles west of Gretna on Schramm road at 231st street and Thomas Calvary Cemetery, located south on 240th street, is surrounded by private land with limited access.

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
23131 Schram Road

Thomas Cemetery
10297 S. 240th Street

Cemetery Brochure

Mission Statement - To provide the best care of the cemetery economically, conserving the perpetual fund with which we have been entrusted and to give of ourselves to the service of the members of our parish and community to meet their needs for memorial property and the perpetual rest of their loved ones.

Volunteers are needed twice per year, usually the second week in May and second/third week in June, to help with minor upkeep.




President: Kristen Erickson 402-215-3099
Members: Gret Reitmeier 402-960-9933
  Bob Ostdiek 402-332-3203
  Larry Neppl 402-690-2374
  Ryan Pichler 402-203-4917
  Kevin Kaup 402-525-1469
  Bob Zych 402-598-6254
  Matthew Meyer 402-740-3397
Staff: Fr. Gutowski and Tina Schutte




Deacon Joe Hartnett 402-332-4301
Members: Greg & Laura Grundmayer 402-443-9178
Bob Lembke 402-896-0346
Sharyl McGuire 402-894-2620
Dave Harvey 402-681-5424


Fr. Gutowski and Tina Schutte


Meeting Minutes

Carole Neary                      402-614-0619
Bob & Judy Huber                  402-332-4523
Jayne Schram                          402-332-3634
Amy Beran                              402-332-2541

Mission Statement
To affirm and foster vocations to the Priesthood, Diaconate, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, and Lay Ministries through prayer, invitation, encouragement and affirmation.  

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