St. Patrick
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Saint Brigid Guild  Joyce Clark (402-332-4401)
 Sylvia Davis (402-916-9199)

Saint Luke Couples Guild

 Lisa VanOeveren (402-332-2999)
Saint Rose of Lima Guild  Andrea O'Quin (402-215-5754) Saint Gerard Guild  Kristi Heavican (402-968-5545)
 Leisa Sheldon (402-250-1427)
Saint Monica Guild  Sue Hollendieck (402-332-0077) Outreach Ministry  Irene Harris (402-332-3868)
 Colette Piccolo (402-332-3880)
Saint Teresa Rosary Makers Guild  Susan Knight (402-896-2642)
 Tera Westra (402-216-9100)

Knights of Columbus

Grand Knight: Dan Hlavacek  (402-933-0007)
Deputy Grand Knight: Scott Rockwell (402-214-1005)
Chancellor: Blake Sheldon (402-515-2114)
Financial Secretary: Marty Stednitz (402-332-3860)
Recorder: Jose Santos (402-593-8038)
Warden: Justin Hammers (402-916-9561)
Treasurer: Joe Ketchmark (402-334-5944)
3 Year Trustee: Randy Meerian (402-916-9125)
2 Year Trustee: Jim Barnes (402-916-9912)
1 Year Trustee: Van Baran (402-895-0373)
Advocate: Bruce Jefferies (402-944-7556)
Inside Guard: John Schaffert (402-672-7903)
Outside Guard: Larry Neppl (402-690-2374)
KC Chaplain: Fr. Mike Grewe (402-332-4428)

Anyone interested in joining these organizations can contact the parish office at 402-332-4444


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