Confirmation Requirements

1.  Participate in Sunday Mass, Holy Days, and the Triduum.

2.  Participate in Confirmation activities

3.  Attend class and do assigned homework

4.  Choose a sponsor

5.  Choose a Confirmation name and write a report on that saint

6.  Completed service hours and one reflection paper

7.  Interview with Fr. Dan

8. Write a letter to the Bishop


Curriculum and Classroom Details

Attending class is important for the candidate’s preparation for Confirmation.  If a child cannot attend class, please call and let us know.  At times there will be homework.  It is difficult to cover all material one hour each week.  Thus, the parents and/or sponsors should help the candidate with assignments and to prepare for tests given.  It will be easier for the candidate if the parents and/or sponsors are involved.

The texts used in the eighth grade are: New Testament and Church History.  In the ninth grade the texts are One Faith, One Lord and The Spirit Sets Us Free.  Throughout the eighth and ninth grades there will be testing.  However, passing these tests will not be required for Confirmation.  They are used to hold the candidates responsible for knowing their faith prior to Confirmation.  The tests also gives us a better understanding of how the candidates are learning, and if anything needs to be more emphasized.  The following is a list of topics covered on the tests:

Test topics:


Aside from the testing, each candidate will also schedule an interview with Fr. Dan.  There, they will discuss the meaning of the Sacrament, possibly some of its history, what effect Confirmation will have on the life of the student, and other information such as the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.