St. Patrick Catholic Church
Parish Staff


Fr. Michael Grewe 


Rectory 402-332-4428 E-Mail Fr. Grewe
Larry Heck   Deacon 402-572-1319
Steve Grandinetti Deacon 402-896-4693  
Joe Hartnett Deacon 402-690-4347  
Shane Fagan Dir. of  Religious Ed. 402-332-3454

E-Mail Religious Ed Director

Stephanie Adams Pre-School Director 402-332-3050 E-Mail Pre-School Director
Tina Schutte Administrative Assistant 402-332-4444 x201 E-Mail Administrative Assistant
Lezlie Thomas Facilities Coordinator 402-525-3098 E-Mail Facilities Coordinator
Anthony Lempke Maintenance 402-332-4444 x212
Lauren Meyer Youth Minister 402-332-4444 x213 E-Mail Youth Minister
Samantha Hawkins Custodial 402-332-4444 x214
Tracy Hoye Music Minister 402-618-8606 E-Mail Music Minister
Chelsea Norman Secratary/Arts & Environment 402-332-4444 x202 E-Mail Secretary/Arts & Environment
Francesca Dammermann Pastoral Minister 402-332-4444 x204 E-Mail Pastoral Minister

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